Unlike most other payday loan companies, we don’t share or sell information to third parties. Only in cases where it’s beneficial to you will we share any kind of information at all. An example of this kind of information would be us using other companies to service or process your account, which is totally in your best interests and doesn’t benefit us at all except to help us serve you better.

Only in rare circumstances are we required to share information, such as with legal matters that require us to cooperate with law enforcement officials, regulators, or to resolve customer disputes, credit or authentication, or institutional risk control.

The only other instance where we would share third party information would be if you asked us to do so. This is totally within your control. The other information that we gather about you is only used to keep your accounts running smoothly and to improve our services to you, something we take very seriously.

When you give us registration or application information, we use that to administer your accounts. We need a minimal amount of information, such as your address, phone number, email address, and name. This information is completely confidential and we protect all of this information using the latest security measures available online. This information is used only for business matters. Each employee that works with your information has been trained to protect your information and use all electronic, physical, and procedural tools to make sure that your information is protected.

Please inform us if any of your personal information is incorrect. This allows us to quickly update your records and serve you better.